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Nissan Note Nismo sporty

Nissan Note Nismo sportiness, now with this name can understand that Nissan will come from the new things that have really done a full sporty. In the list of today we have Juke and GT-R on the other hand stands out, not only for performance and sporty appearance. It's time for more innovation: it is a little Nissan Note compact MPV was recently included in the list.

Nissan Note Nismo sporty

Changes in design, almost radically from the model series. The bumper has been completely redesigned and a completely new spoiler, side skirts and sports more details.
Currently it has been officially published, in fact, not machine. It is assumed, however, that there is an increase in DIG-S 1.2 petrol is now in the list with the power of 98 horses. We exclude a priori that we can be happy with the Nissan DIG-T engine mighty 200-horsepower 1.6 Juke Nismo.
Change is a five-speed manual that will change at least in the current shift.
Nissan Note Nismo

Two versions at launch: Nismo Nismo and extreme S. substantial difference lies in the fact that the first and determine the aggressiveness sprotività just below the aesthetic point of view remains unchanged with a choice of engines and therefore their content consumption, the second however, is the "real" excellence sport par, "real" Nismo is equipped with the most powerful engine in the range with all the sporty both inside and outside.
To not pass unnoticed Nismo record also differs in lowered suspension, custom wheels, fully revised aerodynamics and thank you unprecedented with new bumpers and body stronger. As has become tradition, the department has designed sports Nissan Note Nismo with a front grille in red, as previously mentioned special bumpers, side skirts, rear spoiler and red mirror. Inside, sporty details not less, as the chair show, which was signed by Recaro for the preparation Nismo Nismo S.

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