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2014 Toyota Corolla newly refurbished

2014 Toyota Corolla - As expected, the new Toyota Corolla 2014. With the 2014 model year Toyota will vary and expand the pool of potential users, if the latest version is ideal for a quiet family heads, the latest seems to clearly draw a younger audience and does so by showing grit and sporty aesthetic solutions.
The front of the new Corolla cut hardy showcase LED lights, large air intakes, aerodynamic and aesthetic guidance elements inspired by the sports models, such as the big mouth 'designed by the front bumper and radiator grill. 2014 Toyota Corolla S version offers even more sporty feel, increasing the number of flashy 17-inch wheels.

2014 Toyota Corolla

2014 Toyota Corolla

One feature that has united the various editions of the reliability of the average Japanese proverb Corolla always tireless, comfortable and the interior including the use of quality materials that will last despite the passage of years. Even the "eleventh" Toyota Corolla looks marrying philosophical canon and his ancestors have done a best seller all over the world. MY 2014 long wheelbase and interior roominess promises above-average picture we anticipate a cabin on a human scale, modern and built with attention to
A machine, two power, three changes, Machines are available with the launch of the new Toyota Corolla is the 1.8-liter with two power levels, 134 and 142 horses, depending on the equipment, the three combined transmission: six-speed manual, 4-speed automatic and modern CVTI-S seven-speed automatic.
Corolla new engine will mount four-cylinder engine of 1,800 cc. The basic model will be equipped with a six-speed manual, but also provides a classical variant, automatic, four-speed transmission. For the premium version will also feature a CVT configuration.
Great excitement in the house ahead of the presentation of the Toyota Corolla MY 2014 event which will take place on June 6. At this time there are rumors first. Within a few days, the Japanese company has released a teaser, two of which are close to the weekend just gone. According to the broadcast material, there are a few features that will be seen to be part of the new Corolla. This is a new thing which is quite large, which will include both the aesthetic point of view, both technically. Part of the innovation has been anticipated by the Toyota Corolla Furia Concept, unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show 2013. However, compared with the model of Fury, the new Corolla will retain an attractive design and decided, while introducing a clear line of softer than expected.

MY Corolla 2014 will be placed on the market, most likely, in four trim levels: base, LE, S and Eco. Enhanced driving comfort of power keyless entry, leather interior with "Softex" and the on-board computer, as mentioned touchscreen, with connectivity and GPS satellite navigation system.
2014 Toyota Corolla made its first appearance thanks to some photos appear on the network. After the preview display to the Geneva Motor Show with the presentation of the concept of Fury, now you can see the car is designed to look more aggressive, especially in the front. Where the two lights, placed in continuity with the mask design, giving Japan a little muscular sporty types, typical of American cars, it is clear from the shape of the hood and fenders. Designs in addition to extended front ribs that give the car an extra touch of sportiness.

In two rear lights, polygonal shape, separated by a chrome strip. For more details we will have to wait for the official presentation. On that occasion, too, we will know whether or not the car will be marketed in Europe, where in this segment is the Toyota Avensis line. His appearance in the Old Continent, therefore, seems unlikely for now. Length of the car should be 4620 mm to 1,805 mm wide and 1,425 mm high, with a wheelbase of 2,700 mm. As regards engines, it seems safe presence of 1.8, may be available in various strengths.
new 2014 Toyota Corolla sporty

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